Honda Service in Guildford at Mobile Car Techs.

We want you to know that you are in good hands no matter what Honda you drive. Our service team will provide you with comprehensive, friendly and competent advice at any time. service Guildford


By bringing your car to us you will be recieving the best service around. Why are we better? Becuase we care about you and your vehicle. We understand how important your car/van is to you, this is why we ensure things are done correctly the first time. Guildford Godalming Woking Honda service


We only use Genuine parts supplied by Honda. This means that your vehicles warranty is still valid and the life of your vehicle is prolonged.Guildford Godalming Woking


Your Honda will be worked on by a fully trained Honda & Nissan Master Technician who has been involved with Nissan & Honda for 10 years.Guildford Godalming Woking


We recommend you get your Honda serviced atleast once every 12 months or 12,500 miles. Regular servicing and preventative maintenance increases your vehicles life and makes your driving experience that whole lot better.Guildford Godalming Woking


Not only do we offer you a service you will not forget, we will also beat Main Dealer prices everytime.

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